EE Technologies Quality and Service

EE Technologies, Inc is a premier Contract Manufacturing partner that provides multiple service levels, ranging from electrical and mechanical / box build assembly, through test, procurement and engineering support and consulting services.

We are experts in circuit board assembly for the automotive, medical, RF/Wireless, gaming, military, scientific, educational, industrial, aviation and digital audio / video markets, as well as RoHS manufacturing and conversion, and design for manufacturing. With constant growth and expansion into other technologies and marketplaces, we welcome inquiries for quote from companies in any industry.

The EE Technologies team is committed to providing the best possible services to our customers, seven days a week. At EET we use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to yield the highest quality of products and services. We are fully equipped to handle production from procurement of the raw materials through turnkey finished assemblies.

We value your business and look forward to providing you with the best manufacturing partnership experience possible, while exceeding your quality, delivery, and cost expectations.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services at EE Technologies provides value to our customers in many ways including:

  •  Design for Manufacturability (DFX)
  •  Configuration Management
  •  New Product Introduction (NPI)
  •  Manufacturing Engineering
  •  RoHS Support
  •  Developing Packaging and Shipping Solutions
  •  Shipping and Labeling in Customer MRP system
  •  Translation Services
  •  Conversion Tools
  •  Open Door Policy

Design for Manufacturability (DFX)

EE Technologies works with customers to meet certain specifications for design for manufacturability, test, service and reliability (DFX).  The purpose of creating these specifications is to provide the following:

  •  Ensure the most reliable, cost effective design solution.
  •  Ensure manufacturability within the EE Technologies production capabilities.
  •  Improve repair and service turn-around time.
  •  Ensure ease of test and function validation.
  •  Improve product robustness and reliability.
  •  Improve production cycle times.

Our DFX specifications account for all of EE Technologies manufacturing capabilities.  The specifications include all products manufactured in EE Technologies and 3rd party facilities, as well as those suppliers engaged by EE Technologies for services and repair activities.

EE Technologies strives to identify methods and provide feedback to the customer on making a product more cost effective to manufacture.  Many of our customers choose to involve us early in the project so we can make inputs into design features.  In this way, our Engineering team can help our customer to use the best parts and make recommendations for changes to the design that reduce the material costs and overall production costs.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management focuses on establishing and maintaining consistency of a system or product’s performance and its functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.  EE Technologies’ configuration management system and use of Aegis software allow the team to process Engineering Change Orders (ECO’s) very quickly.  Multiple facility changes are also efficiently completed when a customer has an engineering change request.  These changes can often be real time depending on the complexity of the change requested.  The Engineering team can incorporate the requested change in a timely and effective way to ensure that customers receive the desired outcome from a cost and quality standpoint.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

When the initial design of a product is complete, we manufacture the first new products using a formal new product introduction (NPI) process.  During this process, the design and manufacturing process is being tested while producing the first units.  Our Engineering team is able to ensure that the design is robust and the boards can be produced in volume and tested efficiently and cost effectively.  Any changes or issues are resolved and the documentation is updated through configuration management systems.

Customers are invited to participate in this process or may choose to be updated during the NPI runs.  Customer approvals on all design changes are received prior to releasing the product for production runs.

Manufacturing Engineering

Engineers work with the production team during production runs to improve processes.  Through quality metrics and performance metrics, both teams work together to make improvements affecting current production and future results.

RoHS Support

Since 2006, EE Technologies has built RoHS compliant products for its customers.  Engineering has also been able to provide support to our customers who want to convert designs to be RoHS compliant.

Conflict Minerals

EE Technologies is committed to sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values around human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility.  View our policy statement.

Developing Packaging and Shipping Solutions

For local customers, the team is able to make on-site visits to our customer’s facility and work with their engineers to develop packaging and shipping solutions.  Especially on larger complex projects this can be valuable as the team determines how to safely protect the products during transport to the customer.  These decisions can have a huge impact on costs as the Engineers try to keep costs low and eliminate risk of damage to the assembly.

Many times the packaging and shipping solution can also be used by the customer for the product to be delivered to the end customer.  This is ideal – eliminating waste and greatly reducing the overall product costs.  One example of this is a mechanical assembly that we packaged and safely delivered to our customer.  The packaging design allowed the customer to add plexi-glass to the finished unit we provided.  Then the entire unit plus plexi-glass went on to the end customer in the same packaging.  It is easy to see how this can save a great deal of money.

Shipping and Labeling in Customer MRP system

For some of our customers, we are able to interface with their MRP system and process shipping documents and labels.  This means we log on to the customer MRP system, process a shipper, print labels, and apply the labels to the product packaging at our facility.  The products can then go directly to the end customer.  Or if the customer desires to receive them at their facility, there will be minimal handling at the customer facility prior to being shipped to the end customer.  This service results in many advantages.  In addition to reducing the labor costs and days to delivery, the customer also has real time tracking and visibility in their system about the product and shipment status.

Translation Services

Our Engineering team has diverse skills and talents.  Currently, we have engineering multi-lingual support for creating and reviewing documents in both English and Spanish.  Other languages may also be available in the future.

Conversion Tools

Engineering has many conversion tools allowing us to accept many different document formats.  This allows the customer to provide build documentation in a format that is comfortable for them.  We can then convert it to the necessary format for ordering stencils and other tooling.

Open Door Policy

EE Technologies has an open door policy for customers to come onsite for evaluation on initial builds or any production runs.  We work with customer engineers side by side to share with them the process and explain how we are performing the work.  Customers are welcome to visit or call any time to learn more about these and our many other Engineering Services.

EET complies with RoHS regulation

Even prior to the July 2006 effective date of RoHS, EET had processes and controls in place to fully comply with the directive.  Segregation, identification, and training are key areas EET focuses on.  EET has both RoHS and leaded areas within each facility.  Our customers can be assured that controls exist and products certified compliant meet directive standards.  EET has engineering capabilities to support customers changing their products for compliance.  Customers can also be assured that we keep up with ever changing regulations regarding restricted hazardous substances and relevant regulations.

What is RoHS?

RoHS stands for the “restriction on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment”.  It is a European Directive aiming to control the use of certain hazardous substances in the production of new electrical and electronic equipment (EEE).  It is a partner directive to the WEEE Directive (Waste in electrical and Electronic Equipment) that controls the disposal and recycling of EEE.  Hazardous substances in regulation are:

  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Hexavalent Chronuim
  • Polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs)
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)

What are the obligations?
The RoHS regulations place the following requirements upon producers:

  • product placed on the market must not contain the hazardous substances above the maximum concentration values
  • producers must prepare documentation to show that their products are compliant before placing them on the market
  • if requested, the above documentation must be provided to the RoHS Enforcement Authority within 28 days of the request
  • the documentation must continue to be maintained for 4 years after the producer stops placing the product on the market

Who does it apply to?
The UK RoHS regulations apply to those businesses defined as producers that:

  • manufacture or assemble electrical or electronic equipment in the UK
  • import electrical or electronic equipment from outside Europe
  • re-badge electronic products as their own.

Who does RoHS not apply to?

  • private individuals making purchases from abroad
  • retailers and other businesses who only source product from within the UK or Europe because the first importer into the European market is the responsible person.

Other References

Manufacturing Services

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Electronic Manufacturing Services

  • PCBA layout
  • Prototype builds
  • Pre-production assistance
  • Design For Manufacturability (DFX)

Surface Mount Capabilities

  • PCBA for a wide range of requirements (volume, mix and complexity)
  • No clean or aqueous solder process
  • Fine pitch screen printing/placement down to 12 mil (.012″)
  • 0201 Chip Components
  • Odd form part placement
  • Mixed technology
  • Metal electrode leadless face (MELFs)
  • Mil-Spec

PCBA Technologies

  • BGA, Micro BGA
  • Flip Chip, Chip On Board
  • Flying probe
  • Selective Solder

Thru-Hole Capabilities

  • No-Clean
  • Water wash
  • Component Lead Forming

In-Circuit Test Capabilities

  • X-Ray
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • In-circuit Test (ICT)

Assembly & Test Equipment

  • Screen Printers: Dek with 2D inspection
  • Adhesive Dispenser: Asymtek
  • Surface Mount Lines: Philips/Assembleon high-speed placement
  • Fine Pitch/Odd Form Placement: Philips/Assembleon
  • Convection Reflow: Vitronics Soltec and Speedline
  • Curing Oven: Asymtek
  • Fine Pitch/BGA Re-work: Air Vac
  • Thru-Hole Lines: Universal Axial & Radial Inserters, DIP Inserters
  • Wave Solder Machines: Vitronics Soltec and Ersa
  • Selective Solder Machines: Ace Protech
  • Wash: Technical Devices and WestKleen
  • Stencil Washer: Austin American Technology Corp and EMC Global
  • Conformal Coating Machines: Asymtek
  • X-Ray Inspection System: CR Technology
  • Flying Probe: SPEA
  • In-circuit Test: Teradyne
  • Automated Optical Inspection: Nordson Yestech
  • Nitrogen Generator On Site
  • Product specific functional tests

Traceability & Quality

  • Paperless Documents, Quality Tracking: Aegis Software (Enterprise Version)
  • PCB Laser Etching: Nutek

Customer & Product Support

We are committed to World Class service.  We are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by providing unsurpassed responsive communication to support successful partnerships.  Our Service Statement spells Success!








Here are some of the capabilities our customers appreciate:

  • Concurrent engineering support
  • Material supply leveraging
  • Test Development
  • Packaging Development
  • Responsive to customer requests
  • Manage open orders
  • Front end project reviews
  • Vendor managed inventory programs

Quality & Process Controls

EET Quality Policy:

EET is a premier electronics manufacturing service provider, distinctive and successful in everything we do.  We focus on quality, continuous process improvement, responsive and flexible manufacturing, on-time product delivery, and use of leading-edge technology.  We are committed to long-term partnerships based on integrity and ethical business practices.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IATF 16949:2016
  • UL Recognized Component Manufacturer
  • IPC-A-610G Class 2 & 3
  • Serialization and Lot Controls
  • ESD controls
  • Key Metric Analysis
  • Corrective Action Reporting Systems
  • Kaizen/5S