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Extremely proud of our team and their continued commitment to safety. 

The Nevada city is looking to shed its casino-town image and become a hub of e-commerce ventures, an Apple data center and a drone testing ground.


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Extremely proud of our team and their commitment to safety.  This article was posted originally in OSHA Quick Takes on July 1, 2014.

The value of state-of-the-art equipment cannot be ignored.  This month, I'll address key questions to ask about equipment and the related solutions, and illuminate the role equipment plays in achieving state-of-the-art status.


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Manufacturing state-of-the-art products requires development in five key areas: people, equipment, building, culture, and systems.  All are important, however, the power lies in the people.  People are the secret sauce and when the secret sauce is missing, success is not possible.


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In a contract manufacturing environment, thousands of decisions are made daily.  These decisions are made by all employees in all areas.  Organizations that succeed in the short and long term create a culture where data is always used for decision making.


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Ask any customer to name the most important factors in choosing a supplier and you are likely to hear quality, cost and delivery.  These are the three areas where customer expectations are established and measured to evaluate customer-supplier relationships.  Interestingly, quality impacts costs and delivery and therefore must be built in.


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original article published in SMT Online Magazine August 2013 beginning on page 66


Electronics are the lifeblood of modern society.  But if you want to make products that depend on this lifeblood to function, then you face a lot of challenges.  As an OEM, understanding these challenges will help you to navigate through them and choose the right partner.


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"Waste" is a "four-letter" word, especially for manufacturing who attract and retain customers only when they add significant value.  Manufacturers must lean in to efforts to eliminate waste to get desired results. 


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