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Bringing manufacturing, and jobs back to the U.S. significantly impacts the nation's economic future and many industry leaders are taking on this initiative for the benefit of the nation.  No matter which side of the fence you are on, there is benefit to considering important factors to ensure end-customer services and cost management. 


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Original article published in SMT Online Magazine May 2013 beginning on page 70


Creating a partnership with a new customer mirrors another milestone in the life of most adults: Dating, and eventually marriage.   Karla Osorno walks you through the important steps OEMs and EMS providers must follow to make a working partnership successful.


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Original article published in SMT Online Magazine April 2013 beginning on page 68



All OEMs look for significant value-add, the management of costs and quality while ensuring timely delivery, when choosing an EMS provider in another country.  Asking 10 specific questions will provide insight into the company's philosophies, priorities and practices.


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Original article published in SMT Online Magazine March 2013 beginning on page 60



EE Technologies is excited for one of our customers who recently received a major award.  Read more by clicking on this link.



Using technology in manufacturing is both magical and practical.  Amazing results, like improved costs, efficiencies, and quality, can sometimes seem like magic, but, more often, dramatic changes come from using the technology we have in new and innovative ways. 


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Original article published in SMT Online Magazine February 2013 beginning on page 98




Those on production lines play a critical role in the quality of the product being assembled.  How can one ensure operators are making the right decisions when it comes to manufacturing?  Karla Osorno explains.


Original article published in SMT Online Magazine January 2013 beginning on page 78


Most of us know the big names providing the technology, design, and price of our electronics.  But consider that many of our modern day conveniences are possible because of the electronics manufacturers behind the scenes.  Who and where are these manufacturers that make our electronics work?  You might be surprised to learn that often it is privately owned small businesses.


Original article published in SMT Online Magazine December 2012 beginning on page 70.


Many of EE Technologies' OEM and other customers are making decisions to bring products previously sent far offshore to North America, and increasingly to Mexico. The benefits of reshoring are significant for these customers. EE Technologies is honored to support their efforts at its Nevada and Mexico locations.


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Strong EMS providers understand that selecting the right parts is two parts science and one part art, and they utilize both to get a project off the ground on the right foot.  The science part includes qualifying suppliers and executing on solid procurement policies and processes.  The art part is a function of buyer talent.


Original article published in SMT Online Magazine November 2012 beginning on page 84.


Is your company striving to be a world-class provider? As you may have already learned, the bar is raised constantly higher for companies trying to reach such excellence.  This month, Karla Osorno gives you some tips and processes to follow to make clearing that bar much easier.


Original article published in SMT Online Magazine October 2012 beginning on page 82


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