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Electrolux Products


For more than 90 years, Electrolux built small appliances that are reliable, innovative, and beautifully designed - all with the customer in mind. In 2008, Electrolux partnered with EE Technologies to continue this tradition of building with reliability and inovation.


Electrolux is a global company and has global suppliers. Based on volume designs and cost considerations, much of their production strategically occurs overseas. Recently, one of their boards required a design change post production. Based on this design change to a central vacuum controller board, EET was able to provide rework services to Electrolux bringing the board to Electrolux standards.


To date, EET has modified over 10,000 assemblies to meet Electrolux high performance levels. EET continues to quote Electrolux on new production builds that might be a good fit for EET's Mexico facility.


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