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Preco Products


After more than 30 years of manufacturing products internally, Preco made the executive decision to outsource all manufacturing to an electronics manufacturing service provider (EMS). Out of 9 potential suppliers, EE Technologies was chosen. In April 2007, Preco selected EE Technologies as their EMS provider in part because of the team's depth, company infrastructure, and purchasing power (ability to procure hard-to-find parts and at the best price).


Preco provides rugged pulsed radar collision avoidance systems enabling heavy equipment operators to navigate blind spots around their vehicles. This type of production equipment is typically found only in the harshest of environments. Therefore, Preco's products require extensive environmental testing and the level of quality and workmanship must exceed all testing and inspection criteria.



By October 2007, all phases of the transition plan were completed. Preco was so satisfied with the results they sold all of their production equipment and have never looked back. Currently, EE Technologies produces more than 30 Preco products with annual volumes approaching 100,000 units.

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