Our History

Sonny Newman founded Meridian Electronics in 1995 after working more than 20 years in manufacturing in Northern Nevada.  Meridian Electronics achieved much success helping manufacturers all over the world to procure hard to find parts and save money on the parts they needed.  Interacting with these manufacturers gave Sonny a desire to manufacture products himself.  Thus, when the opportunity arose to make an asset purchase of a small assembly shop, Sonny took it.  EE Technologies, Inc. (EET) started March 1, 2000 as a contract manufacturer specializing in circuit board assembly and box build assembly.  In the beginning there were only 20 employees and a handful of customers, but the foundation of unwavering customer service was established.

Each month – new customers came on board, new equipment and supplies arrived, and new employees started their journey with EET.  Employees commitment to continual improvement was evident in customer satisfaction ratings and increasing sales. Expansion came quickly with the Reno facility growing to 63,500 square feet in December, 2001.

Our visionary founder and leader saw potential for continuity and benefits for customers and employees by investing in another plant.  The location was selected and EET Mexico opened its doors in Empalme, Sonora, Mexico in October 2005.  The original location was 17,000 square feet.  This decision proved invaluable to EET’s customers with the big economic downturn which greatly affected many industries.  EET demonstrated cost savings and value for its customers utilizing both plants.  In October 2010, EET Mexico expanded into its current facility of 38,000 square feet.  Wise use of resources, continued capital investment, and environmental stewardship are major tenets of EET’s strategic plans.

Low costs, responsiveness, efficient processes, and strong quality systems characterize EET in Reno and Mexico.  Customers appreciate the value, service, and results they receive from EET, an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 company.

Our Vision

Manufacturing outsourcing will continue to be a widely used business strategy for U.S. based companies. EE Technologies, will be a world class EMS provider in the industries we serve.

Our Mission

EE Technologies, Inc. will be relentless in creating successful partnerships with customers, employees, vendors, shareholders and the communities in which we do business.

Our Values

In our relationships with employees, customers, vendors and the community at large we embrace and guide our actions by the following values:


We behave with the highest level of professional ethics.


We continually foster partnerships based on truth and sincerity.


We are reliable and uphold our commitments and we expect the same from all stakeholders.


We consistently treat all in accordance with the highest professional standards.


We value and recognize everyone.

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